Saturday, 14 December 2013

A turning point in consumerism?

It may just be me getting older, but Christmas seems to have lost some of its crassness this year. Perhaps the great social media amplifier has exposed it for the cliche that it is ("My friends will think I'm naff if I post another picture of the Christmas tree this year!"), or perhaps it's just social media that has tired of Christmas, and people are opting to get on with actually celebrating the holiday rather than photoing and posting about it.

Either way, it's for the better.  I've always liked the idea of the winter solstice being celebrated for just that: a party in the middle of winter to cheer us all up. You don't have to support a team with trees or candelabras, or buy a ticket, just turn up and spend time with friends & family. Preferably with silly hats, party games and plenty of food & drink. Start your own tradition, with a nod to the family traditions.

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