Sunday, 23 December 2012

A funny festive story

I need to capture this story from Julia. Funnier in the first person, so apologies, J, if I don't capture your voice.

I was driving through town and hit traffic near the psychiatric hospital. As I glanced over the fence, I saw that there was a stage set up, with lights etc. and thought "how festive". As I looked closer, I saw some people were on the stage and in front of it, all dancing. Some were bopping merrily, one guy was doing a full 6:30 wuk up, ass in the air, hands on the ground. All seemed really into the music and enjoying themselves. "It's great to see them getting into Christmas," I thought, "I wonder what they're listening to." So I wound down the window to listen. No music. They were all just bopping away to the music in their heads!

There's something very endearing about this story: it's both uplifting and sad. A bit like Christmas!
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