Sunday, 1 July 2012

Dope, donuts and salmon in the desert

Three odd things inspired this little blog post.

Last night, at the petrol station, I was walking to my truck when I got the usual Bajan heckle of a white fella: "Taxi?". The first thing that struck me as odd was that the guy was leaning out of a donut van, not a taxi. There it was on the side, in big letters, with a doughnut for the 'O'. I smiled and said "got a truck, thanks."

Then, as I was reversing the truck and edging past the donut van on the forecourt, the same guy leant out of the van and give me the universal symbol for 'do you want to buy some weed?'. You know, finger and thumb pinched together in front of pursed lips, as though drawing on a spliff. I smiled again and waved him away as I drove past.

It only struck me on the way home what an excellent business model that would be (if it wasn't illegal): selling weed from a doughnut van! Create the appetite, then satisfy it, as your customers get the munchies.

So that's two (doughnut van as taxi and/or weed dispenser), the third was the film Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Quite a good film, albeit a bit twee, as these UK films often are. But, again, the premise of setting up a salmon stream in the Yemen struck me as a good, and somewhat bonkers, idea. Maybe I'm just looking for inspiration...

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