Monday, 31 October 2011

All Hallows Eve

So the witching day is upon us again, and I'm missing the bonfire and fireworks and dark early nights of a British Halloween (well, and Guy Fawkes night). Bajans dont really do Halloween - bit too heathen for the Bajan spirit. There are parties, but they're mostly private and, in the North American tradition, fancy dress rather than scary dress.

Which makes me miss the ghoulish fun all the more.  Like English ale, I was pretty ambivalent to it when I lived in UK, but as an expat of 7.5 years I've grown to love some of the quirkier British traditions. Perhaps it's a surrogate nostalgia for our kids' sake: I wish they could partake, and enjoy some of the very British traditions that I did. Except the ale. That's just because there's nowhere else on the planet that serves beer that is warm & flat and tastes so good. Except Ireland, and that's Britain's nearest neighbor and only one drink.

So maybe I don't miss Halloween, I just miss sharing it with the kids. Maybe we'll have a small bonfire in the garden on Guy Fawkes night and burn a lolly stick effigy. Not quite the same as those giant medieval beacons that light up big, smokey crowds at playing fields across Britain, but something a little bit different for the kids. Maybe we'll read spooky stories to the kids, try to bring some autumnal chill to the Caribbean air..!

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