Sunday, 12 June 2011

iOS 5

It's usually a telling moment when a market leader starts to obviously copy the competition, especially when they drive so hard at innovation being their key differentiator.

So, I see that the latest iPhone/iPad OS update has pull-down notifications. Wherever did they get that cool idea? Android. To be fair they did downplay the 'innovation' mantra this time, but could this be the turning point in Apple's cheeky, self-consciously sophisticated, upstart image? A hint of market cap leader complacency, perhaps?

The downside of having a closed business model, where you're constantly seeking to lock your customers in, is that the more you succeed the more you risk isolating yourself and your customer. You risk padding yourself from the cutting edge of competition, and if your customers take a dislike to your products/direction, the difficulty of switching could cause a strong backlash on your popularity. Basically, it's hard to sustain.

Personally, I prefer the days when Apple were the rebels, layering great design over open source technologies in the perfect mashup devices.
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