Thursday, 20 May 2010

Froyo gives me chills

Official Google Blog: Android Froyo, with some sprinkles: and so we get Google opening up the smartphone market with both barrels. Apple may match this, but I'll be amazed if they top it. If anyone can, Apple can, but I think their vice-like grip on the smartphone market will be their undoing. As Googlers like to say "information wants to be open", and this latest Froyo update to Android certainly pushes that ideal. For free. No Microsoft software tax, no Apple 'new magic device' talisman. Just free software to update any android phone (eventually - Google phone gets the initial boost).

Google, I love you: you make money off the people I don't care much about (ad people) and give riches to us poor consumers. Sure, it's not totally altruistic, of course there are commercial reasons, but those reasons are far-sighted enough to be enriching for all. Nice play, guys. So, Apple... you got 2 months... worried?

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