Wednesday, 27 January 2010

My Google Phone - the Nexus One

So I've had my N1 for just over a week now, and you know what?  It makes my ipod touch look a bit dated: the screen looks a bit washed out soft compared to the N1's amazing sharpness and colour.

A few people commented that they thought I worshipped at the Apple temple, so why no iPhone?  Simple: a) the only way to get one here is to jailbreak it, which I'm unwilling to do for something so expensive, and b) the nexus is cheaper and (hardware-wise) better.  It's actually made me reflect on the cult of Apple, and I think they are heading down the Sony path of too much lock-in. The 'but we do it to protect our customers' line is getting a bit, dare I say it, seedy.  So, while I'm happy for Apple to look after my music and some media (ipod touch, old ipod, macbook pro and mac mini for the TV), I'd like a bit more freedom with my personal device (phone, GPS, 'reality augmenter'). 

So, I've gone Android.  And it's growing on me like a proper favourite tune, rather than one of those over-played catchy tunes that you love then hate.

Now, the iPad ... that's another story... I suspect most people will buy it out of curiosity, rather than because it fits any compelling need in their lives.  After all, what can it do that a laptop + smart phone can't?  Nothing.  The phenomenal success of the iPhone wasn't Apple's marketing, it was a ground-breaking product widening an existing mobile niche (ipods), so that you didn't have to carry around 2 portable devices.  The apps bit was a huge bonus.  The iPad is more a filler.  You use it sitting down... like a laptop. Or walking about... like a phone.  My phone has 800x480 resolution.  I'd guess that's not much less than the iPad's.  So, it's basically a giant phone for the visually impaired...  ;o)
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