Sunday, 15 November 2009

Apple's Apps

Arguably, the reason Apple computers never took off in the same way as PCs did in the 80's was because you could only use Apple-approved peripherals with your Apple IIe or whatever. So even though there were better HP printers around, or better Sun mice, you couldn't use them with your Apple because they weren't approved. The pro-Apple lobby simply put this down to quality control: Apple didn't want to risk tainting an 'insanely great' user experience with sub-standard 3rd party products. The cynics said that Apple were simply being greedy control freaks. The result was that these 3rd party products became as good, then better than Apple, and users left in droves - they found more choice.

Here we are, twenty-something years later, and it seems like Apple are crossing that line again: their App store vetting procedures are pissing developers, partners and users off. If they are not careful, the open source Android army will simply outflank iPhone apps and push them into a niche.

My solution? 2 tiers: one Apple-approved, one Unapproved, with appropriate disclaimers.
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