Friday, 30 October 2009

The Facebook creeper

So somehow I got to this page about new developments at Facebook. I scan through what look initially like the usual tedious release notes, adding a thingy there, moving an icon there... and then I see about halfway down the Open Graph API:-

...will allow any page on the web to have all the features of a Facebook
Page – users will be able to become a Fan of the page, it will show up on that
user’s profile and in search results, and that page will be able to publish
stories to the stream of its fans.

Oh my god. So every page on the web can draw a Facebook fan base. They're burying Digg and bringing a peer recommendation engine to the whole web in one swoop. This is potentially huge: akin to Google Adwords, but based on your friends' opinions, rather than some clever algorthm related to the content you're reading or searching for.
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