Thursday, 20 March 2008

Another software vs service battle line

The end of software… by ZDNet's Dennis Howlett --

…as you know it. Right now I’m falling over startup vendors vying for attention in the so-called ’social software’ space. The fact enterprise people hate the term doesn’t seem to bother those who are bypassing IT as they sell into the marketing departments of companies at departmental budget prices. But there is a battle brewing [...]

Interesting article, with good research links. The only aspect I'd question/add is the typical decision context of an IT manager. They are not as well-informed about the free-range end of the software market because a) they don't have time/budget to research every blossoming software phenomenon and b) a significant chunk of their external focus is on beating vendors off, rather than trying to explore more. So, they typically depend on their existing vendors to provide 'free insights' or 'briefings' on the latest software ideas. These are, of course, skewed by the vendors' own marketing filters. When IT managers do try to broaden the discussion, they are met by a similar response to the Microsoft guy's reply in the article: ours is better for your situation (translation: we own you, so don't even think about straying or we will give you an integration nightmare, and you'll have to explain to your boss how you messed up that sophisticated social networking project)
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