Tuesday, 30 January 2007

The usability flaws of OSX - oh yes there are!

Most OS usability articles are about how nice Mac OSX is compared to Windows. It's something that mac zealots like to rave about. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not a mac zealot: in fact I find the zeal or scorn from either camp somewhat ironic. If you like macs, you're clearly a zealot, and if you like Windows, you're clearly a dummy.

If I have any apparent bias, it's an appreciation of the innovations that macs offer in a Windows world. If Microsoft emulate Apple's good ideas, then good for us. Likewise, if Apple emulated Microsoft, then good for us.

This article is a rarity in that it addresses the latter.

Vistastic ..!

Is it me, or is Microsoft hubris becoming laughably absurd? This article cites a case in point: the Vista wizard that determines whether your computer is ready for Vista, rather than the other way around.

So, it seems that Microsoft are still doing more with more: the American tradition of bigger engines = more power = good. When will M$ get out of Moore's Law's wake and start truly innovating: do more with the same or less. If they don't, they'll go the same way as the US car industry...

Saturday, 6 January 2007

The logic of privacy

This is an interesting approach to establishing a social/legal precedent on information rights. I suppose if technology creates the problem, it should help to alleviate it. What next, though? A 'legal rules' computer??