Monday, 11 December 2006

The music "industry" - desparate & greedy

So, after years of suing teenagers on the grounds that they were protecting artists, the RIAA have decided that artists get too much. It seems that in the age of the corporation, creativity is something to be exploited in others. To be creative is to be exploited.

Yet, clearly there is a way to make money("Google's copyright fix", Business 2.0) out of supposed piracy. By essentially using your audience to market for you, you can cut the promotions costs and get a much clearer view of whether your newest creative venture will be a success, or, if it's looking bad, what your audience doesn't like about it. It means sacrificing control (attempting to determine taste) for faster reactivity to taste.

The RIAA's inability to adapt to this new business model can only be a reflection of the sham of modern music. Sure, there's creativity, but as soon as a genuinely good idea comes along, it is bludgeoned into blandness or marketed to death through repetition or copycat bands/songs. Art is about performance, and artists should be paid for performances, and should gain credit for their performances, not for some mass promotion machine.

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