Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Let my cell phone go

I always wondered what gave mobile telcos the right to lock my property - especially as I'm contractually bound to them for a period of time anyway. I appreciate why they want to do it (to bind the latest, coolest handset to their network), but what gives them the right? Well, as it now turns out, nothing: Cell Phones Freed! Poor Suffer? (Wired News):
"In the mid-1990s, big content providers were complaining that they couldn't distribute their work digitally if clever crackers were free to break Hollywood's digital rights management, or DRM, schemes at will. The DMCA was enacted to promote the digital distribution of content by making it illegal to circumvent DRM controls placed on music, movies and games. Since then, companies have repeatedly tried using the DMCA to quash unwanted behavior that has nothing to do with copyright infringement."

It seems that a new ruling has now preventing them from exploiting a protective law for their own gains.

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