Tuesday, 28 November 2006

It's all about the pixels

I've always been doubtful about camera megapixels. It reminds me of PC processor chip one-upmanship: my 2Ghz chip is twice as fast as your 1Ghz chip. It's nice to see some empirical evidence (Engadget) that dispels the megapixel impact.

I was also reading about HD TVs this week: apparently most HD TVs these days are interlaced, rather than progressive scan - that's what the 'i' is in 1080i (as opposed to 1080p). Again, it reminded me of the old debates about CRT monitors and refresh rates: people would go for higher refresh rates, without realising that the monitor switched to interlaced at higher rates.

So buyer of pixels beware.

Thursday, 9 November 2006

Zune: IPod It’s Not (NYT)

Ouch! Proof that even in the corporate world, money can't buy you everything. I'm not sure why Microsoft is going down this path. They could still win out, though, if the Zune software starts breaking iTunes, like they did to Realplayer with Windows Media player.

Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Ultimate gaming experience

Wow! Check this out for scenery. I've seen the old 12 screen flight simulators... all well and good, but why not just hop in a real plane? This is vista-vision fantasy world. Much more interesting!