Monday, 7 August 2006

Leopard: purring, rather than roaring

The notable aspect of today's sneak preview of Apple's next OS was what was hidden. They were at pains to point out that there were bigger features that they wished to keep secret, to prevent Microsoft photocopiers whirring.
The more I think about this (see last post), the more I think Apple have the right angle: they're putting the 'personal' back into personal computing. They're driving home the idea of their boxes being specialist media manipulators. As media becomes ever more digital, especially at the personal level, these tools increasingly become as indispensable as the gadgets they supplement - the glue between your camera, your music collection, your video and whatever network you want to communicate over.

What's especially poignant is that these feature all require rock solid hardware at the client end, unlike office applications that can be (and are increasingly) run over a network from a central server (eg. webmail).

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