Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Anti-virus Schmirus

This article just goes to prove my belief that some anti-virus vendors are like dentists who own doughnut shops: a dichotomy of complementary goods.
"Heard about these nasty viruses? Don't worry, guv, we'll protect you...for an unlimited subscription fee, naturally."
I wouldn't be too surprised to find that these unscrupulous vendors are writing these viruses, especially the ones which "aren't in the wild yet".
Only now McAfee have been caught short trying to tout to Apple users who tend to be more discerning than their PC brethren and who also know when the statistics don't add up. I'm sure it won't be long before Apple's new-found popularity with PC users will mean that their products finally succumb to the pandora's box that is the computer virus -- let's just hope that Apple can shoe-horn AV into OS X (as Microsoft is rumoured to be doing with Vista) before vendors such as McAfee and Norton start circling and demanding their pounds of flesh.
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