Wednesday, 15 March 2006

MacIntel... MacInDell?

My first thought on news of the Intel-based MacBook was that this might be a tacit swipe at Microsoft's Windows market. Sure, it's a nice new Apple laptop, but the argument for Intel chips seemed a little, well, technical for Steve Jobs. Better chip efficiency?? You could hardly imagine the world's graphic designers salivating in anticipation. I thought it was either a consolidation move, after IBM managed to woo Xbox and Playstation with their new Core chips (afer all, what priority would they give Apple after megadeals like that?), or maybe the chip efficiency was important for a possible expansion into more mobile technologies.

This article ( puts an interesting angle on the OS competition, although I'm not sure if Dell have the clout, or the legal leeway to be able to offer other competing OSes. I hope they do, though, if only to sharpen Microsoft up a bit.

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