Sunday, 5 March 2006

E-Ink - the Tablet Revolution

E-Ink, I predict, will be one of those inventions that will just invade everyone's life eventually, as mobile phones have done. It consists of microscopic black beads of ink suspended in a white liquid which rise to the surface when a current is passed through them - only when the current is switched off, the image remains. This has the added effect of producing something readable in any light and using no power except to change the image.

Seiko, the inventors, will initally launch a watch with the technology, but soon it will extend to book readers (backed by such authors as Dan Brown) and even bill boards and price tags in supermarkets (Tesco has plans to use it). Imagine passing down an isle with your (RFID'd) Clubcard in your pocket and watching the prices change just for you!

Once colour is introduced, it's only a matter of time before all printed material is superceded by this technology, with editions wirelessly downloaded and pages changed at the touch of a button.
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