Wednesday, 11 January 2006

Apple at the crossroads.

Should Apple Open Up? This interesting article from Business Week discusses the options available to Apple, now that they've unveiled their first foray into the Intel world. I often ponder Apple's strategy because, unlike all the other computer tech companies, they don't like to pander to corporates. In fact, if you believe their branding, they don't like to pander at all. Rather, they like to fulfil the wishes you haven't even thought of yet. But are they the Mercedes to Microsoft's Ford, or are they the Maserati to Microsoft's BMW? The crux comes down to whether the Intel Macs can crack the mass consumer market. Their bid is to ride the digital consumer wave: digital audio leading to digital photos, video and all the sharing enablement that the internet provides. Domestic digital media management, basically. The question is, do most people really care? Apple always runs the risk of being too slick for the mass market...
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