Thursday, 7 April 2005

Microsoft seeks to stifle innovation (Yahoo!) - direct Gates quote! It's a bit worrying when a Stanford law professor hails the most sucessful IT company in the world as 'a threat to business and the economy as a whole', bit it even more so when he reports that M$ are hiring every Patent lawyer they can find. I thought they'd been a bit quiet for a while. Is this the calm before the almighty storm of intellectual property debate? It's been a long time coming - one could argue ever since we've had the ability to digitally store information.

Records and books traditionally cost nearly as much to reproduce as produce. It's only when we get to the digital age that reproduction is as easy as drag 'n drop. And while some have been making hay while the suns shines, others have been quietly buying up all the fields. Ultimately, I suppose, the consumer will still get their hay. But at what cost to progress? Imagination and innovation are what drew me to information technology. To threaten those is to threaten the heart of this incredibly progressive industry.

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