Thursday, 10 February 2005

Tablet flaw hard to swallow (ZDNet UK News)... basically using the pen on any tablet PC leaks memory, so every day your memory fills up forcing you to reboot. Every day. This is a product that's worth at least $1000. In any other industry such a flaw would be grounds for a recall, compensation, lawsuits etc. But in software, it's a corporate 'oops! Please hold while we figure out how to fix it'.
Why do we tolerate this? How long must we tolerate this for?

Surely the strongest argument for open source is that it is ethically more balanced with the standard EULA offered by most 'professional' software. Currently, when you buy most software, you indemnify the vendor from just about any fault with their software. And if you want fault resolution, you pay extra for it. If they won't take responsibility for their software, why should they be entitled ownership? In open source, the positions are clear and more even-handed: no ownership, no responsibility - just pay for the service.

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