Tuesday, 15 February 2005

PalmSource's sideways shuffle to Linux | The Register. Well, at least the company are finally doing something forward-thinking. Being a long-term Palm user, my main criticism of the devices is the software. Sure, its simplicity is what got them to the forefront of the market, but hardware has evolved significantly. Yet Palmsource's development path has been pedestrian, with over-simplistic PIM software and ropey sync software. Hopefully, with a more opensource approach, they can leapfrog back into the game.

Now this (Wired News) is a good Valentines day prank. Female UK police chief sends valentines cards to suspected burglars which are coated in a unique liquid which coats their hands and is virtually impossible to remove. So the next time they nick something, there's more than a fingerprint's chance of catching them. Assuming they're not wearing gloves, that is...

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