Wednesday, 5 January 2005

MS out of the bundling business? | The Register. Here's an interesting analysis of the EC's bitch-slap of Microsoft, with some enlightening comparisons to the IBM anti-trust cases in the 80's.

On a more emotive note, Will Eisner, the reknowned god of comics and creator of the first comic dubbed a 'graphic novel' died yesterday aged 87. His main legacy, other than his amazingly timeless works, is in the form of the annual Eisner Awards - the comic book equivalent of the Oscars. If you're a comics skeptic, who tends to view the medium as little more than Garfield or Peanuts, I suggest you investigate the inspiration for at least a quarter of all the major studio movies in the last couple of years. For the rest of you, there's an excellent set of tributes on Neil Gaiman's blog here

Finally, and on a lighter note, here's an interesting quirk... go to href=""> and see where you end up. Weird, eh?
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