Monday, 10 January 2005

How the music biz can live forever, get even richer, and be loved | The Register... an interesting transcript I had overlooked, from a convention back in September, that discusses not only the current and future state of the music industry's approach to DRM, but also, unlike so many critics, proposes a solution. Not bad, considering he's addressing a room full of music industry barons. Memorable quote:-

...because of digital technology, you think your rights are worthless. They aren't. You need to monetize them in two ways: by ensuring that there's a revenue stream for things you can't count, and finding new bottles that you can count.

Nicely put. Now, if he could just do the same for my other bugbear: battery life (, then I'd be willing to hail him as a guru. Notable stat from this article: ...the amount of energy that a battery can store (its energy density) is growing by 8% a year. Mobile-device power consumption, meanwhile, is growing at more than three times this rate. That, and the hilarious prospect of America's "Future Force Warriors" lugging 15kg of batteries around with them. Wonder if they've factored in the multi-adaptors and docking cradles into that figure??
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