Wednesday, 19 January 2005

CIO Jury: Apple 'irrelevant' to businesses - Now, notwithstanding my evident Apple bias (typing this on a powerbook), the only comment from this jury that shows real insight (or foresight, even) is the last one. For one thing, Apple are not targeting the mainstream corporate market. It's a bit like advocating high-end mercedes benz cars as fleet sales rep cars. Furthermore, the opinions that Apple products are over-priced are, in my experience, based on ignorance of the products in question, rather than knowledge. I suspect that none of these CIOs would claim their Merc was "overpriced and irrelevant". It's the classic overly-defensive CIO syndrome: in the absence of knowledge, be indifferent and/or dismissive. As the CIO of DrKW says, it has potential, but it's not there yet, and it may never be unless corporate IT systems move away from a desktop and OS-centric approach. Without the mac, it could be argued that Microsoft would still be touting command prompt-based OSes, rather than Windows. Apple are many things: niche, design- more than feature-oriented, haughty, litigious... but they are not irrelevant.
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