Monday, 20 December 2004

THEY GOT GAME / Stacks of new releases for hungry video game enthusiasts mean it's boom time for an industry now even bigger than Hollywood... here it is from a non-techie source. About time, I say. Why? Because modern video gaming harps back to the parents' mantra "before TV we had to make our own entertainment". These games require engagement, either reflexive or pensive, sometimes both. Contrary to popular belief, many are very social in nature, either as party games, or as virtual online engagements. And the levels of interactivity are constantly evolving - nearly as quickly as the graphical improvements. What would you rather your kids did, sit in watching TV, or sit making their own entertainment on video games? Using their noodle, testing their wits, their reflexes and, yes, even their social skills. Sure, it doesn't beat playing in the park, but it's better than 'chewing gum for the eyes' TV.

Now here's an interesting dilemma for a leading edge company: to sue a leaker of secret designs, prior to their release, or to keep the profile low and downplay speculation? Well, since the company in question is Apple, we have high corporate self-protection and its usual distinct lack of shyness. So, they're sueing the unnamed person, leading to speculation that the previous speculation had some truth to it. So one of these design concepts for a flash-based iPod could be the real deal. We should know in January.
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