Tuesday, 14 December 2004

BBC NEWS | Technology | Google to scan famous libraries... now a hard-nosed skeptic might argue that this is an excellent business tactic, but I actually believe that Google has enough inherent altruism to just want to do it anyway - share price be damned. When you're the main cartographer of the virtual frontier, caring more about the accuracy and extent of your maps is more important than whether what you're mapping is most profitable.
Meanwhile the lumbering giant in Redmond enters the desktop fray (ZDNet UK News) with a bunch of pilfered ideas, and their usual marketing: it'll be embedded into all your apps (if they're all Microsoft) and it'll be faster (with appropriate minimum hardware spec), and the info is private because your webpages aren't cached, unlike with other products (which panders to populist privacy concerns because the other products don't share this info in any traceable way). So, once again, they are competing to further entrench their position, preying on users' FUD rather than innovating and taking a few interesting chances.
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