Tuesday, 27 July 2004

E-Commerce News: Design: Apple's 'Just One More Thing' Product Design

Good insight into the Apple USP, with an excellent comparison to HP, of all companies. It's a well-balanced article, too, not just criticising or lauding Apple's techniques, but rationalising them in the context of the market.

Friday, 9 July 2004

Wired News: Transparent Desktop Opens Doors

Naturally, it uses OSX Quartz rendering. Would be an excellent addition to iChat for Tiger - pushing it even further ahead of the field. No doubt Windows users will be extolling the virtues of it as an amazing Longhorn innovation... in about 3 years, after it's been on the mac for 2!

Friday, 2 July 2004

On Sun, Java and Open Source [printer-friendly] | The Register

The above is an interesting article, not just on the debatable stance of Sun's stewardship of Java (as opposed to open sourcing it), but it also discusses the political aspects of technologists and their approaches to standards.